Trees on Saturday

August 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday gave me the chance for another short, photographic expedition.  Earlier the day had got bogged down in domestic stuff. With an unexpected distraction as one of the offspring decided to start vomiting.  

By the late afternoon, I saw I had a chance, and tossed my camera gear together quickly.  That was the first mistake. I left behind the mounting plate for the tripod (oops, no long exposures).  And also no spare batteries. 

I'm aiming to develop some of my tree photography.  I think the issue is, that copying the tree photos of the northern hemisphere isn't going to work. Our trees are more subtropical and less temperate.  The forests here are also quite dark when you're under the tree canopy.

Nonetheless, there's a certain organic and free-form nature to some of our trees I thought would make a good subject.  I started with some puriri trees. 

A CWP Photo

A CWP Photo

The it was down to one of the local beaches- Granny's Bay.  There's a Pohutakawa tree I photograph from time to time. Originally, I had hoped to mix it up with some ND filters to soften the sea, but without a tripod, well, I had to get creative another way.  So in this case, I saw something I hoped would suit a black-and-white conversion.  It was a matter of using the setting sun to the left. I thought this was one of the more successful shots of the trip.

A CWP Photo


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