Up the creek

February 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was staring at the computer monitor.  The words for my book chapter I am writing were not flowing.  Outside, the cicadas were going at it full tilt, serenading their mates with a raucous din.  On the desk was a notepad, listing some local reserves I had planned to visit.  That was the last bit of motivation I needed.  It was time to throw together the camera kit and get outside for a few hours.

I ended up at the Paremoremo Scenic Reserve.  Oddly, despite being within 10km of where I live, I hadn't been before.  Paremoremo is also the site of a large prison.  That part of the area is not very scenic. The weather was humid. Light showers were about.  Fortunately finding the reserve was easy.  I was the only one there.  I guess everyone else was watching the cricket.

The track into the bush surprised me.  There was rather more fallen trees to climb over than I expected.  It didn't look like the track got a lot of regular use.  There seemed to be a lot more clambering and crawling than I anticipated. The creek however, gave me the chance to try out some shots.  I wasn't optimistic.  At the end of summer most creeks and waterfalls have less water flowing through them.  And summer tends to produce harsher light than I like.  My main intent really was to just get outside and to scout out for scenes I could photograph later- when conditions were better. 

Anyway, I ended up with three shots I liked.

The first used a 20mm lens to create an unusual perspective- and to also capture the ferns being reflected in the pool above this rivulet.  Also spiked tripod feet are much better for this type of work.

A CWP Photo

The second I cropped into a panoramic view.  I used my 50mm macro for this.  I think it will be good to return when there is more water flowing and I can stitch together a proper panorama.

A CWP Photo

The third I used the Minolta 35-105mm- it fell short of what I was aiming to capture.  I think it needs a higher volume of water flowing down the steps, and I need to find a different perspective.

A CWP Photo

So in the end, the scenery was better than I'd anticipated. And I finished the trip with the requisite sore muscles, sweat and wet feet and legs.  A success :)




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