April Foolishness: Pic 6

April 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On Day 6 (Monday) I hit Waiake Beach to see what I can find. 

It's on the Tor that I finally get the shot I like. The only problem is I neglected the tide, and had to wade through the sea back to the beach. Soaked boots and lower legs. Not a smart move. SONY DSC

My second idea was to convert the pic into a duotone image.  This also appealed to me, it seemed to have a mood about it that the colour version lacked.

Rocky PerchRocky PerchThis picture is taken at the Tor, at Waiake Beach. Rangitoto Island is on the horizon. I've timed the shot so that the last of the day light is still falling on the rocks. I didn't time the photo so well for the incoming tide. There was a bit of wading through the current to reach the beach safely.

The shot has been converted to this duotone style. The image is first made into a black and white, then the shadows and highlights tinted different tones.

The outtake of the session was one of my first shots, from the other end of the beach.




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