I saw some sun this weekend

June 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It hasn't been the most glorious of Queens Birthday weekends in NZ.  The promised wet weather hit. And I had a few deadlines to meet.  Nonetheless, by Monday it was time to get out and try my hand at something.  I ventured down to Waiake Beach, expecting it to be busy. It wasn't. There were a few fishers around the Tor, but the cold wind seemed to reduce their enthusiasm. Most didn't stay for long.

I was able to take a range of shots around the Tor of the gulf.  Here's the two I liked the most.  Both of these were 25 second exposures, with a 28mm lens, a Lee CPL, Little Stopper and ND3 grad (to hold back highlights in the sky).  Other lesson was if you mount the tripod down as low it goes, the vibrations caused by the wind are less of a concern.  The CPL also means I could angle the light to see below the surface of the water.  Rangitoto Island is once again, on the horizon.




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