Monday again

June 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It wasn't until Sunday that I got time to get away with the camera.  The youngest kid is still recovering from his concussion, and everyone else had other tasks to do.  I wanted to get outside for a while.  So I opted to try out Long Bay again, as I have some ideas I want to experiments.  Those experiments however, were frustrated by the weather- the intermittent showers and incoming tide weren't ideal.  Nonetheless, it seemed like a good time to use the circular polariser with the other filters.

The first shot was taken at Long Bay with the 20mm lens.  

SONY DSC I've put the rocks in the foreground for interest, and lined up some rocks heading deeper into the gulf.  This was when the weather was at its finest.

I then moved a bit further north to "Granny's Bay".  This small bay has varied rocks and reefs.  

SONY DSC I've used a 6-stop (Lee little stopper) to slow the shutter down and capture some sense of the wave motion flowing around the rocks.

Moving along a bit, the weather started closing in again.

SONY DSC This is probably my favourite of the session. 

Then the last before the rain began. I switched to the 10-stop Big Stopper and dragged the shutter out to  2 minutes.

SONY DSC Enjoy :)



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