Forest Stream Goodness

August 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

There are a good number of local forest reserves around the North Shore.  These are nice to escape into, and for a while, be among native birds, trees and other natural goodness.  So feeling the desire, on Sunday afternoon I went out to visit the Paremoremo Reserve.  It was also a chance to give my Minolta 17-35mm G lens a run. I haven't had it long, but I'm testing it against the option of carrying several prime lenses instead.  

The stream that runs through the reserve shows a lot of variation.  I took a sample of three pics while out on the hike.

Forest Pool



Among the Trees

Among the treesAmong the treesThe Paremoremo Stream winds through native forest in the Paremoremo Reserve. This shot had to be taken on an isolated bank, midstream. This is always an interesting manoeuvre. I'm never entirely settled wading through swollen streams with a lot of camera gear. The scene appealed for two reasons. The small waterfalls in the foreground gave something of interest in the lower part of the image. The frame of native trees in the background provided the second element.

The shot was taken with my Minolta 17-35mm G and my Sony a900.

It flows



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