Singing Cicada

February 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I finally had all the gear I wanted to try out my a7r as a macrophotography camera. My theory is that the combination of a 36MP sensor and no AA filter, would let me take sharp shots of a large size. But just having a camera isn't enough. Macrophotography also depends on good lighting. And Sony's E-mount cameras don't have a macro flash. I do have one for the older Minolta AF and Sony alpha ranges. But as the hot-shoe had changed, I needed an adapter. It arrived yesterday. I gave it a try today at lunch-time. It's the end of summer here in NZ and the cicadas are being particularly loud. I found this male singing happily in a bush in garden. The shot is pretty much fresh from the camera. I've cropped the aspect ratio to 1:1, otherwise the insect isn't cropped at all. It's what I saw through the camera.


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