Time in amongst the trees

June 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It was Sunday. That also meant it was time for an escape.  I packed a light kit of gear and headed up into the Okura Bush Walkway.  By light I meant a MeFoto tripod, a Sony a7R, a Minolta 17-35mm f3.5 G lens and some filters.  I didn't know what to expect. I just wanted to be down in the trees again.

It was possibly a mistake I didn't take a longer telephoto. I was able to watch a pair of male miromiro (NZ tomtits, which paradoxically, aren't tomtits at all) cavorting about the track.  With the grey skies and low tide however, photo opportunities were rare.  I stuck to the trees.

#1 Fallen Log


This log shot also gives a good perspective on how dense NZ native forest can be,  and how little light often reaches the forest floor.


#2 Photukawa

The Pohutakawa is a coastal tree that clings to the margins of beaches and cliffs. It creates a very sprawling and organic shape.


#3 Some Duotones and Black-and-White
With the light conditions, is was also on the look out for shapes and textures that would suit a colour-free approach.




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