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It was a better week for photography this week.  Work demands slackened briefly at the start of the week. And kid #3 is slowly progressing back to full health.  We haven't got him back to school full-time yet, but given he's been ill and off school for months and months, I'm not complaining.  Also, a big thanks to everyone who has bought a print, or some digital downloads this last year.  It's helped out a lot.

Anyway, I was emboldened to try a waterfall again this week. Not too far in case I had to pick kid up from school early. That made the waterfalls at Omeru appealing. Later in the week was the Winter Solstice for us, so I stopped at a local beach to get some morning shots of the day.  This also coincided with a gale that kept me away from outside photography for the rest of the week. 


The waterfall shots were taken with my a7R, and either a 135mm f2.8 T4.5 STF lens, or a 17-35mm f3.5 G lens.  Clambering around these streams also prompted my wearing of my 'long gumboots'. These are actually rubber leggings from an ex-Army chemical warfare suit. They go up to the mid thigh, so make deep wading possible.  One thing I did discover is they don't have enough traction on muddy river banks. So in the end, there was more sliding and mud than I would have considered optimal (wince).

Waterfall at Omeru Reserve


Waterfall at Omeru ReserveWaterfall at Omeru Reserve

This was taken accidentally with my 135mm lens.  I was going to stand closer and use a 50mm but I'd forgotten to put a Lee adapter ring in the kit bag for the 50mm lens.  By a serendipitous bit of luck, going further down stream to fit in the waterfall, meant the trees on the edges could form a natural frame.

Omeru Waterfall

Omeru WaterfallOmeru Waterfall

Again, I was a little disadvantaged by the lack of a 50mm lens. This was taken using the 35mm end of the 17-35mm wide angle.  I've cropped it to a 24MP size image.

The Shortest Day


The Shortest Day

The sun rising over the Hauraki Gulf, through clouds. Photo taken from the Tor at Waiake Beach. I liked the atompshered of this shot. It took 2 filters to balance the exposure and get the ideal shutter speed.

Incoming Waves

Waves at Waiake Beach

Shutter slowed to capture a sense of wave motion, as the incoming gale churned up the sea in the Gulf.  Rangitito Island is on the horizon.


The gale hits

Waves hitting the rocks of the Tor, at Waiake beach.




Beautiful photography capturing the beauty of New Zealand
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