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Lamprona murina An Australian immigrant to NZ since the late 19th C.

This species has poor eye sight. It is often found around residential homes. Recently it has been blamed for an upsurge in bad reactions to spider bites. It is not obvious such a reputation is deserved. Many insect bites are attribute to spiders if there is an adverse reaction. Many people do not see the arthropod that bites them anyway. So many bites or reactions are probably mis-diagnoses.

The spider is not poisonous to people, hence there is no anti-venom. It is possible that bacteria get introduced with bites. This can cause ulcerous infections.

The prudent thing to do in the case of any insect or spider bite is to apply a little anti-septic cream as soon as possible. Letting novel bacteria run free in your blood-stream, is far more dangerous than the original bite or scratch.